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Spam gauge: 180/0

I've shared a 65Mb file on eMule that claim to come from one of the leading spam houses and containing 15 million addresses... it's fake, from beginning to end. I've put it together myself and people on eMule have downloaded it like crazy, 474 times to be precise ... I'll continue this sort of work, but now with a little twist... as I've resolved all the domains (for valid MX records) used to generate these lists, I will now only include domains that are hosted in the US... yup, that's right... as much of the spam originates in the US (I know that for a fact as I've studied thousands of email headers) and therefore poisoning the spammers lists will most probably only affect the American part of the Internet... and pressure them to take action against the spammers as they ultimately clog up the net completely.

I've written a draft for a distributed spam poisoning network, that is to insert fake addresses into removal forms (that only work as sign up on other lists)... a client that pulls a chunk of generated addresses and a list urls for insertion from a list of servers.
  • Get an email address from the top of the list</i>
  • Get an URL at random from list
  • POST/GET email address to the URL with a randomly chosen agent string
  • waits for 5 seconds
  • Rinse, Repeat
... when all email addresses from the local list are used up, fetch a new list. This far, a mind boggling number of 6 261 115 038 264 email addresses is possible to generate without any permutations.
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