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I suffer from Pre Christmas Traumatic Stress... PCTS... I tried to convince my parents and brother to ditch the idea of giving gifts this Christmas... to no success... so, I gotta hunt down two more gifts tomorrow or Tuesday with hundreds of desperate people in crowded stores, all with that desperate and hunted look on their eyes... I hate it. What does one give to people who already have everything they need and a kitchen sink?

The Christmas nowadays are nothing like the Christmas I remember from my childhood... they were fun and everybody was happy. Now people run around like crazy, all getting the same Brittney album for their kids. It feels like it has been secretly commercialized over the years... little by little... in Sweden it has been completely Disneyfied... the public state television does not propagate advertising, except for one occasion, the obligatory Disney collage, old Donald duck, snow white and assorted clips (50's?) and to top it off, always clips from the latest Disney movie... which this year will be Finding Sushi Nemo... probably another perfectly fine story/tale Disney managed to destroy...

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