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Spam gauge: 96/2

I Debianized another machine today... and while waiting I played around with my anti-spam project files... had huge lists of data which had to be split and sorted and dupe checked... my (only) windows machine would crawl and probably crash... but on my old pentium pro (on Debian) it processed pretty quickly... ~2.5Gb of data ... completed in just under 5 minutes... cat data* | cut -d"@" -f1 | sort -u >> washed.txt was the formula... there's possibly more effective ways to perform the same operation... anyway, all this data together with WWW::Mechanize and a few scripts to glue it all together... the idea is to taint the spammers address lists with generated fake addresses. billions of them. Haven't done any calculations about how many possible combinations... but last i checked a few months ago, I could generate something in the neighborhood of 850 000 000 000 unique addresses... that outnumbers the earths entire population a few times and would make their current lists pretty thin...

Got the company Xmas gift... lotsa goodies... salmon, cheese, sausages and assorted yum yum... dumped it into my empty fridge for temporal storage.. as I plan to bring it to my parents tomorrow...

The blood donation earlier today went fine, filled the bag in a few minutes, put my 30 SEK into the childrens cancer fund collector, had a cup of coffee, read the other paper and then strolled down town toward the office... my tummy had been purring for two hours so I took an early lunch... thai...

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