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At the office...

... alone... again... blah... Matt just left... claiming he couldn't do anything more today... not even call a customer and explain why they can't get the product they have bought for several years any more... "it's too technical"... so, the fact that a few chips are not longer produced and soon to be obsolete is too hard to explain... *sigh*

Well, I've been sitting around waiting all day for information to arrive through email... nothing, zip, null, nada has landed in my in-box... at least nothing of importance... tons of spam and junk-mail... to amuse myself, I backtraced an email and looked up the sender and posted the info back on the mailing list... full information, including his residential address and phone number... for anyone to flame/spam back on... *evil grin*

The knowledge of how and where to obtain information is NOT a heavy burden...

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