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Today I got a letter from the Swedish military... "Your urged to destroy your previous orders" ... oh? I never got any orders before... and they want me to destroy them... and then send me new orders, so I know what to do in case of alert... for all I care they can kiss my hairy behind.

Just been to Robert's place with the DSL gear... talked about how to switch him over from cable connection to DSL... apparently the new ISP are only doing PPPoe... which sucks... as his DLink DI-804 are fucked up after flashing new firmware... so he has to run a PPPoe client on his computer in order to get out on the Internet...

I've been thinking about reverse engineering my DI-604, to possibly write my own firmware... without a bloaty unresponsive web interface... in general, to completely replace DLink's own firmware... as I expect they aren't utilizing the hardware fully... and their firmware blows goats. The worst that can happen is that I kill the device, no wait... there's factory reset...

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