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Installed Debian 3.0 (Woody) in that box I didn't get to install Mandrake 9.2 ... there was nothing wrong with the cdrom reader... sucked everything from the net... quite neat... just tap it in and see it download and install... apt-get install foobar...

Had a quite productive day, even though I didn't do all my chores... and tomorrow (later today, as it's past midnite) I'll spend the whole day working on the new news paper site... scrubbing shitty scripts, optimize, simplify, rinse, repeat.

I also got my brother to come over with the DSL gear, that Robert are about to buy... he lost his temper about the shitty cable connection and went for the DSL instead, I can understand him... as the cable have been fucked up for at least 6 months... and the ISP just tell him to quit his subscription and send back the modem... that's customer care. not.

I chatted casually with someone on my contact list today... I don't even remember how she got on it... and when she had asked about what I do with my spare time, she seemed to be interested in my photography experiments... not as in very interested but kept asking about it... didn't point her to my home page... and no, I'm not interested in her. I've only talked to her a couple of times during a three year period.

I want to dig into some serious programming... I've been studying C++ for a while... and want to try NASM too... hmmm.. sounds like device driver programming... or serious hacking. I have some ideas but not the energy to realize them...

I have to get my apartment in order... and buy furniture... and a TV... no, wait... a TV set isn't necessary really.. I've managed to live without one for the past 2 years...

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