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Fark. Fark. Fark. DHL just called...

DHL: we're outside your building... can you let us in?...
Me: ehm, ok... no. I'm at work downtown
DHL: Give us the door code, we'll drop your package outside your door. It won't fit the mail slot.
Me: you can't do that -- it'll be stolen.
DHL: most certainly
Me: Are you going downtown today?
DHL: no, heading elsewere..
Me: so, I take it that the package aren't gonna be returned to sender
DHL: ofcourse not, we're just holding on to it... and will call you later.
Me: thank you, the package are paid for..
DHL: I certainly hope so.. well, there's nothing we can do today then...
Me: nope.

Morons... what are people in general doing fridays between 10.00 and 11.00 AM.. working... and still they are delivering to the BILLTO address instead of the SHIPTO address.
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