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Have been programming for 10 hours straight today... I had 'flow'... sort of... were quite productive and even had fun doing it... cleaned up/enhanced code that were a terrible mess... random indentation, redundant db queries, bad comparisons, broken tables... the list continues... I'm working to make all pages validate to xhtml... the most fun piece of code I did today was a 8-10 lines script that checked for a magic cookie... for keeping login/session information for a discussion forum... secret key + user password, MD5-summed and stored along with user id in a cookie... not that it matters, but at least I cranked up the security somewhat... and removed code that stored database SQL queries in cookies in plain text... must be morons that coded that part... as it's easy as pie to pull out data from cookies and examine... and write simple script to insert arbitrary strings into forms/scripts on the web server.... and perhaps even drop the master database... I know that I could.
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