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An new twist yet again?

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 05:03:59 -0700
From: joseph vaye <>
Subject: VAYE

Dear Friend,
I am Joseph vaye,the son of late Isaac Nuhan Vaye, deputy minister of
public works under former President charles taylor of Liberia.

Before the political upheaval in liberia my late father was a good and
close friend of former president charles taylor and a member of his inner
caucus.But only recently when liberia crisis came up again,with the rebels
trying to oust charles taylor out of Government and liberia,president
charles taylor then became very uncomfortable with some of his loyalists
which my late father happened to be one of them because he had the believe
that at the rate at which the rebels group were closing in on him in
Monrovia(which is the seat of power)was as a result of the leakage of some
vital security information from his cabinet and he decided to eliminate some
of his cabinet members which my father happened to be a victim.

It started in the name of an uncovered coup and he ordered the arrest of
some of his cabinet ministers and the Vice President then Mr. Moses Blah(who
is the current president) on the 5th of June which my father was included
and some days later we learnt about my father's death alongside with John
Winpoe Yormie, deputy minister of national security.

My mother and i actually knew why my father was murdered because before
the political mayhem in liberia,my late father and President charles taylor
have maintained a good relationship and he has assisted him in lodging funds
from the sales of diamond in different banks and security companies which my
late father also benefited from.At the wake of rebellious war in liberia my
father was not getting along with former President Charles taylor because of
his tyranic law which created a breach in their relationship and with the
alarming rate at which the rebels were advancing into Monrovia then to
unseat President charles taylor he was no longer sure of some of his cabinet
members and decided to eliminate them under the disguise that they were coup
Before the death of my father, at the peak of his relationship with
president charles taylor,he was able to accumulate some funds
($6,2million)which he deposited with a security company in Europe from the
deals he did for the president.
Basically my mother and i require a trustworthy person that can assist us
to retrieve our funds from the security company in Europe.Life has been very
unstable for us(my mum,my siblings and i) and i would not want to bore you
with all we went through.I will like you to click on the site below to read
more on my fathers death.

All the necessary documents for the deposit are in my possession.We are
now refugees in neigbouring African country Nigeria .We fled Liberia shortly
after my fathers death.

Ironically the president of Nigeria granted former president charles
taylor assylum here in Nigeria in order to restore peace in liberia.Though
he is in a different state from where we are here in Nigeria,we still do not
feel safe as i think that if he finds out we are here,he might try to
eliminate us as he is close to the ruling Government here.I am hoping that
as soon as we get someone who can assist us retrieve our consignment in the
security company in Europe,we would make arrangements to leave this country
for good.
Upon your response to this mail,i will intimate you on how we can proceed
to get the funds from the security company.

Best regards,
Joseph Vaye

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