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My brother and I went out to our parents place this evening... dad had just received his new Dell machine, helped him unpack it and put it together... brought my BAFO disk and tried to install some warez that dad had been requesting... did not work out very well, the disk mounted fine and mounting ISOs through Daemon tools, but I had forgot serial keys and such... no installations tonight.

They're getting DSL soon, I'm gonna help them put it together... mom's gonna inherit dads old box, wiped clean and a fresh installation of W2k Pro along with a WLan card... so mom can surf the net and get her genealogy research going... I think she will want me to instruct her a bit, since the last time she really did any work on a computer was '96 or so...

Dad had troubles with his portable flash disk, it seems it got all fubar'd when he yanked it out of his work PC, without going the safely-remove-hardware-route... so, he gave it to me... 64Mb in a neat format, not larger than a box of matches. It's fubar'd I can tell... as it doesn't really matter what I do with it... format, erase... nothing, the contents (dad documents) are still on it. Gonna surf the manufacturers site to see if there is a way to brutally wipe it...

Had lunch with our manager today, he had a lot on his mind... which all came out over a plate of pasta... he's in a difficult spot, jammed between the chief of marketing and the CEO... but he will sort it out, I know he will... he has done it before.

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