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Good deeds

Yesterday I got my first issue of LinuxMagazine... good reading and full of useful stuff.

I've went to the blood donator center this morning.. had an appointment... were a little nervous at first, but the ladies were kind and helpful, I got briefed on everything about donating blood again, filled out the health application form and climbed up on a quite comfy chair... I was informed that I was AB+ which about 5% of the donator population in the town I live in have... then she put the needle in my arm, checked the flow... talked a little... I filled that 425 ml bag in just over 5 minutes... not particularly uncomfortable at all, it stung a bit when she put the needle in... but that went away in just a few seconds. The 30 SEK (~$3) I got for donating blood went right into the childrens cancer fund.

I had thought about donating blood for a while, now I have finally done it... I feel good about myself, two good deeds in a day.

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