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Arrived just a couple of minutes ago to the office... I slept in... as I'll go work late tonight in Katrineholm (near by town)... to help them publish result lists from some sort of sprint competition... did the same kind of job last year, the last results arrived well after 11pm... went to sleep around 4.30am... the possibilities for them to repeat the fuck ups and delays are good...

The company who manufactures the time measuring equipment doesn't live in this century... and they sure don't know what CSV formatting means either. Their software produces files in some perverted format with lots of redundant/missing information... columns range from 8 to 17... so everything has to be cleansed before even trying to import anything.

I emailed a bit with one of the persons in charge of the competition about the file formats and he promised to forward my ideas (how original is CSV formatting?) and hope they're implemented till next years events.

Atleast I'll have a few beers with my fellow workers on location.
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