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Weekend summary...

It started off nicely... didn't do anything Friday evening... Saturday morning we went to a couple of friends to have breakfast with them... and later to go to a concert... the sky was clear and sun shining, just 15 minutes before the concert would start, the skies thickened with dark gray clouds and thunder... thunder of the really LOUD type... that's right on top of you... heavy rain and flashes that appeared to be right over our heads... soaked with rain in just a few minutes... of course... the concert was postponed when there was a power outage... after some 45 minutes the sky cleared up and the power returned, the concert started...

I worried most about the servers at the office... as there are... ahmmm.. production servers that aren't connected to the UPS back'ed loop... went to the office in the evening, as I hadn't heard anything from the other guys (who maintain the computer room) ... and sure there was a few servers (application servers) that had hanged in various phases... fixed it and went home.

Sunday was nice... saw Forrest Gump during breakfast ... had lunch with ms. P at her parents place while her parents were out with sailing boat... went to Sarah's granny to pick her mom up... and drove her home.

... and now I'm at the office, sipping my first cup of coffee... waking up. really.

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