That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

Today i overslept again, stumbled through the shower and got dressed on my way to work... :)
Well, almost... I work alone today, the boss left a half hour ago and Matt didn't show up at all, he's home with a bad cold...

I seem to have a sphere of desperation surounding me, or something like that... all girls seem to pick up that i'm single... a desperate single. :-/

I try not to act desperately, but it shines through anyway i guess... *sigh* ... next weekend i turn 27... so, what have I achived this far? A broad knowledge of computers, some knowledge of how women think and reacts, a nice and somewhat free and inspirating employment, an appartment with a central location, a buch of great friends -- both IRL and IRC ... but there is something missing... a partner, a twin soul who i can share thoughts and dreams with...

enough bitchin' about that... i'm off for lunch...

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