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Alone at the office again... the others are expected to drop in around 2:00pm... so, I have at couple of hour relaxing... unless the phone keeps ringing... I've just read through my email... todays harvest was small... only 18 emails... of them, there was 1 spam email... from a company who would like us (the company) to put up links on our (commercial) web site for our customers to download free and legal classic music as MP3 files. The offer came with a bait... a portable MP3player... hmmm... but I don't think I'd get that player if the company decided to take up on the offer... for some reason... even though I have earned it... more than once...

But also, I actively resist ads and banners on the net... and have collected a lot of ads/banner carrying hosts... to be able to block them out... have a look at my ~19k (600Kb) NOThosts list.
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