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Kick ass sunday

Went to pick up the dark room equipment today... yeeehaaa... it's gonna be lots of fun experimenting with it... 3.9-by-3.9 (120x120 cm, 0.129 sq. foot) foot prints is possible... gonna read the book that came with the equipment... it have been stashed away for a while so it has to be thoroughly cleaned... later, I'm gonna get a large board (that fits over the tub, with hinges -- foldable) and set up a dark room in my bath room.

Have been planning some for the aparment, what should be done and what furniture fits where... when I bought it, it looked so large... now, it's a bit uncertain that some furniture will fit. Sarah want to have atleast a king sized bed, or she won't sleep over... as my regular bed is only 90 cm wide... and she also wants to do away with my old couch... it's green, from the early seventies, made of wool and all smelly of old foam rubber... and quite uncomfortable... and that's is completely OK by me... replacement pending... and since I want her to move in with me (which I really really want) it'll have to go away. any. day. now. It' isn't that terrible really, it sound like Sarah is all that bitchy and bossy about it, she really isn't. honest. I just want her to be happy... and I'm quite fond of the idea of a new couch too.

Update: By request, the above text has a few clarifications; Sarah isn't bossy, and I'm no wuss. I'm not that happy with my narrow bed myself, as both of us are quite large... so sleeping together isn't that comfortable.

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