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Another one...

Date:March 30th, 2003
Dear Sir,
First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction; this is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret. You have been recommended by an associate who assured me in confidence of your ability and reliability in prosecuting a business transaction of high net value requiring maximum confidentiality I am James Maduka, Personal Assistant to Alhaji Rewani Lukeman, the Presidential Adviser on Petroleum Matters.
Sir my message to you was based on some money that floated into the Government treasury due to the recent boom in the International Oil Market. The Federal Government of Nigeria budgeted US$18.00 per barrel in last year budget, but the price was changed in the international oil market where by a barrel was sold between US$28-US$35.00. We recorded excess gain, and all these could not be accounted for, hence some executive members in the petroleum ministry decided to stash away the sum of US$14,300,000.00,(Fourteen Million, three hundred thousand United States Dollars) to an off shore account of a foreign national or company.
Please we are not contacting you because we do not have or know any person with whom we can do the deal with successfully, rather we are trying
to avoid situation where by, after our tenure in office, a panel of inquiry may be setup to check our activities while in office or our investments through friends and relations, that is what we are avoiding.

If you are interested to assist us, please let me have your personal telephone, fax and email address, so that I can furnish you with further details on the modalities of the transfer of the fund into your bank account. Please keep this matter to your self, as we do not want it to back fire. If you are not interested, delete this mail and take it as if you have heard nothing from me.
I look forward for your positive response.
Best regards.
James Maduka.

... and attached to this email, was a complete list of all addresses to which the spam was sent to... sloppy. But atleast it showed that munged addresses (in my domain) wasn't recognized as valid.

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