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Nigeria letter

From: david kofo <>
To: [censored]
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 01:05:41 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mr [censored],

I have a very interesting BUSINESS PROPOSAL that may interest you.It Promises
HIGH PROFIT with associated MINIMAL RISK.This business promises good yield for both
of us if we can SINCERELY collaborate with each other to pull it through.My. Business
Proposal is very simple.I am the Controller/Chief Accountant of Nigerian National
Petroleum Corporation(NNPC), .I have about $40million lying idle in my corporation's
escrow account at the Eko International Bank,which is an overpayment to some international
drilling contractors. Please I need your cooperation to tranfer this money out of
my country,all I need is for you to forward me with you company's particulars and
your company account Number or any current account number nominated by you,and I
will authorise the payment into your account.Afterwards we will share the money at
the ratio 60%for me and 40% for you.So if you are interested in the deal reply me
urgently,and I will give you further details.Please ensure strict confidentiality,so
as not to jeopardise this transaction.You can see what I mean by risk free and high
yielding,all I need is your company's particulars to facilitate paper processing,and
any desired account number of your choice, and we are both millionaires.Think over
it and please ensure STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY inorder not to jeopardise this transaction.I
shall guide you on how we proceed with the transaction if you indicate interest.

Best Regards,


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