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Busy day at the office...

Has been working on atleast 7 different projects today, I'm a bit wind up at the moment... still it feels like I'm on top of things... at the office... at home, there's chaos... gotta do laundry some day, running out of clean clothes.

I've come to the conclusion that the Win32 platform is severely limited when it comes to write socket apps or daemons, I have to have parts of the VisualStudio package (which costs shitloads of money, and not many have it installed == less distributable) to just have access to ActiveX components, unless I access the DLL's directly... which sucks as most of the code will be dependent on a component that can change at any moment. I need to explore other platforms for this as I've already outgrown my vbscripts... It's possible to write daemons, but due to ugliness of the code just to achieve simple tasks, it's not worth the effort.

Perl seems to be what I'm looking for and as soon as I have my FW/GW machine up, I'll have all my machines behind it on line too.

I did a boo boo when calculating unique combinations (of assembled email addresses) earlier... Saying there was 474 billion possible combinations, multiply that by 8... for a more accurate figure... that's quit a lot, more bogus addresses than real ones. That should keep the spammers occupied for a while.
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