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Just enriched my name lists with Top 1000 Baby Names of 2001... amazing what people name their babies... my now quite large list of first names ranges over 9000 names, both male and female... also got hold of a list of some 90000 surnames that's gonna be sorted and sifted through a few times to massage the data into a format my make-bogus-but-looking-real-email-addresses-scripts can use... I've already broken the 2 billion combination barrier...

I aim to get 15 billion unique combinations out of my scripts before i start poisoning the spammers, I wish I had some allies so that it could be som coordinated attack against the spammers, they wouldn't know what hit them... just that they have to wade through billions of fake and invalid email addys...

... for every new spam mail i get, I gather new domains and usernames... adding to my lists.
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