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Things happen...

I've been buried in work at the office... lots of sites that's been updated or about to be updated.

I did some work at the old job last night... Matt told me about his Christmas holiday, which went crazy when his sister almost burnt the house down and flooded the basement by accident.

Worked on dads site last night, have done most pages... m$ frontpage can really fuck up pages... how about this;
<font face="Verdana, Geneva, Arial"><font size="3"><font color="navy"><B><img src="/path/image..."></B></font></font></font> ... and other weird stunts.

Was invited back to friends in Stockholm for another visit at TechNoir the 25th this month, can't make it as Sarah works that night. Promised to show up next time... there was something about a birthday party...

This weekend will be nothing but relaxation and lots of sleep... I hope.

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