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Yesterday I got a bill... electrical bill... with a negative consumption. -27kWh... looks pretty funny... as if I had my own power plant on my balcony or something.

I bought a new disc today, 120Gb... about $180... not cheap, but descent. Gonna Install XP tonight, transfer all data and reformat the old drive, reinstall XP on the old drive and use the new disc for data storage only.

I also got a P2 333Mhz mobo from a friend at the office... and last week I got a P2 450Mhz box with a dead PSU... I'm in desperate need of chassis/PSUs.

Been at moms and dads place tonight, dads birthday, celebrated my brother too... as his birthday is on sunday... Had dinner and cake, talked a lot. They had their new central heating system installed today, works like charm, the radiators were quite hot, probably some 60°C... Dad have written a letter to the electric company, telling them to recalculate their bills... as they have completely done away with electrical heating in their house.

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