That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

Ehm... a bit drunk right now, I'm at Joél's place right now... only me and Joél here right now, the others left an hour ago...

L of L & L SMS'ed me a while ago;
L: "I'm listening to OUR song right now, missing you..."
Me: "Too much tequila?"
L: "No, none at all"
Me: "Okies"
L: "Are you single at the moment?"
Me: "Nope, occupied since mid november"

... no answer back. hah. She's so... i dunno... I DO NOT wanna get involved with her at all, in any way... The last time I met her she was still dating the same guy as she hung out with about six years earlier, then talking about leaving him.... and still hangs onto the guy six years later. no thanks. Besides that I'm perfectly happy with the relationship I've got with Sarah.

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