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Busy Monday...

Sarah and I met Johan and his girlfriend Rejia in a restaurant, we're gonna visit them later.

During the holidays there were a break-in at the office... nothing got stolen in my department but there's other holidays ahead, like new years... I hope they have raised security and maybe thought up a new security policy. I heard something that made me laugh, the alarm is turned off as people uses keys to move around in our buildings, when all and everyone has a personal ID card and code...

Keno and I have been discussing this for a while, as they put up a new code lock on a door that we don't frequently use, of course with a code we won't remember... it takes 4+ different codes or a key to walk around, instead of one personal card and code. silly. and sad.

It obviously had to cost something in the neighborhood of $10000 to figure out that departments should be sectorized and few locked doors doesn't invade on anyones privacy, as that's the major concern of all the journalists.

Privacy and secrecy... was also the keywords when we switched to the new phone switch system, the journalists were worried about the information about their phone calls, to and from whom and duration, who could see and browse these logs and so on.. paranoia.
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