That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

Weekend summary, sort of...

Went to Stockholm yesterday (friday) to visit friends. Had sushi for the first time, it was delicious... dunno why I have waited with this.

We (H, T, S and I) went to Tech Noir, a Synth/Goth club in Stockholm... Quite interesting experience...

When we were supposed to get back home, we heard that a (supposedly russian speaking) man had attempted to rob a Forex office at the central station in Stockholm, even kidnapped employees at Forex and had himself wired to explosives around his waist. The police had closed the surrounding streets and it wasn't possible for us to even get to our train. Sarah's father (whom we had visited) had to drive us halfway to Eskilstuna, where my brother picked us up.

Update: The gun and explosives were fake.

Busy weekend huh... and it's not even over yet.
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