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The evilest thoughts?

I hacked up a perlscript for generating bogus email addresses the other day, now I got a few ideas that would be nice to put in to reality...

I surfed a few sites that were listed while searching for Bulk Emailer and bulk email... I saw offers like 32M verified addresses, only $39.99 and such... my thoughts were, Only 32M?

All the "unsubscribe" forms that is non-working or used for collecting new potential spam victims, are now (or atleast soon to be) my victims.

If I have my little scripts working on posting all those bogus-but-looks-like-the-real-thing addresses through the "unsubscribe" forms, say 50 of them or 150 with 3000 addys/hour... I'd swamp them with data they have to verify, sort and sift through, taking their time when they can't send spam. They'd also generate a lot of traffic verifying all those addresses that would cause heads-up alerts on ISPs and they would have to change ISPs a lot more often to avoid detection. I'd "poison" them to death, hopefully.

Or the other way around, I start a bogus business that sell address lists, which of course are fakies.

I'm not alone, thinking about this... but as an independent actor on this huge anti-spam stage I can do little harm to them.

These spammers seems to be quite clueless, they list URL encoders (which magically encodes a URL to series of %XX values) for as much as $100... while I could hack up a script (I already have one) for that in less than 5 minutes. Other such "tools" they had ads about is a IP2Long converter ( == == 1117130646... which is (66 * 256 * 256 * 256) + (150 * 256 * 256) + (15 * 256) + (150))... again, a pretty simple task... but they charge like $150 for a shitty Visualbasic app. Oh well...
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