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This looks interesting.. I wish I could participate, but I don't know C/C++ yet... but I do know the perverted x86 Assembler dialect known as TurboAssembler... anyway, that won't be of any use any longer... as the apps I wrote back in the 90's relied heavily on DOS... today I'd have to learn how to use GAS/NASM (AT&T syntax) to be useful in such project... and have to learn about the PPC and Pentium+ architectures...

I find it interesting watching this type of projects, where people put huge effort in creating something free and useful, perhaps not for the masses but atleast for other enthusiasts. I used to keep an eye on ReactOS, a free Win32 clone that is to mimic (binary compability) the WindowsNT platform... but lost interest as they never released any working apps at that time (3-4 years ago).

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