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... as LiveJournal does not seem to do anything about the spam being forwarded through my LJ email address, it might stir up things a bit by adding a rule to forward everything (all spam) to ... or any other LJ staff address... currently, LJ forwards several emails per day that is not even addressed to me... perhaps through BCC...

A few simple rules that would reduce the amount of spam could easily be applied;

  • check words in email body against wordlists, 3 or more hits - rule it as spam, bounce it... I wouldn't mind.</i>
  • Automagically strip off all HTML-formatting.

  • Install spambouncer or something similar (anything with realtime blacklists) to prevent known spammers from even get anything through...

  • Let paying users have some control over what gets forwarded... wanted: paranoia mode

  • ... I think this would interest the LJ staff as the amount of bandwidth is affected by this too.. thousands of spam emails that gets forwarded... technically it's abuse of LJ's in/outbound bandwidth...

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