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S is away with her friends on a cruise... returning tomorrow night...

I've been writing PHP all day... I really like it... it's flexible and powerful ... almost half done with the SMS gateway for the newspaper site... just have to connect payment features to it... so we can sell the services... there are already several other newspapers interested in the PHP version I'm writing... pretty amusing.

A customer came asking today if we could help them out writing proprietary software for their products using some sort of Pascal-with-CPP-influences programming language... "sure, whatever" ... could be pretty cool to learn yet another programming language... I though Pascal had evolved into Delphi completely... like Pascal-for-GUI's or something... apparently not... this dialect were text-only as much of the interfacing are done through LCD/LED displays... over serial connections. Nice to do some "real" programming for once... as I don't consider ASP or PHP as real programming.. sure, every page are an independent program with a specific task... but it's not the same as writing a complete app ... that is to be flashed in to an E² chip. firmware sort of.

I got a notice today about upcoming projects for January-February... 6 big ones... and several small ones...
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