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I came home about 2 hours ago... sat down, just to relax a bit... had to rush to the office before 9:30pm to send an export file from an online shop to a customer for processing... deadline at 9:30pm... of course I was late... 7 minutes, I hope it doesn't matter... had been out to moms and dads place with my brother... for dinner...

S called for a quick chat over the phone... still haven't got used to the phone ring signal yet... as I haven't had a regular phone for about 2 months... connected it last week, have received maybe 3 calls since...

I need new hard drives really soon... I'm thinking 2 x 120 GB... would suffice for a while...

Alison Moyet - Hometime
Alison Moyet - Whispering Your Name (Maxi-Single)
And One - Anguish
And One - Sweety Sweety (Single)
Beborn Beton - Concrete Ground
Beborn Beton - Misc
Beborn Beton - Nightfall
Beborn Beton - Rückkehr zum Eisplaneten
Beborn Beton - Truth
Beborn Beton - Tybalt
Children Within - Sea of Life
Compilation - Orkus Strange Love (Volume4)
Compilation - This is EBM (1999)
Elegant Machinery - Degraded Faces
Elegant Machinery - Fading Away CDS
Elegant Machinery - Myself With You CDS
Elegant Machinery - Process CDS
Elegant Machinery - Repressive Thoughts CDS
Elegant Machinery - Shattered Grounds
Elegant Machinery - Watching You CDS
Elegant Machinery - Words Of Wisdom CDS
Elegant Machinery - Yesterday Man
H2O - Absorb - Here I Am CDS-2001-FWYH
Human League - Dare-(1981)
Human League - Hysteria
Human League - Octopus
Human League - Romantic
Joy Division - Closer
Ladytron - 604
Ministry - Animositisomina
Orbital - The Box EP
Soft Cell - 1981 Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
Soft Cell - Cruelty Without Beauty - copiado
Soft Cell - Cruelty Without Beauty (Promo-2002)
Soft Cell - Tainted Love Promo CDS-2002-TGX
Soft Cell - The Art Of Falling Apart
Soft Cell - This Last Night In Sodom
Sweep - Miss You CDM-2002-AMOK
U2 - 7

... and a few more that's already sorted into the collection...

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