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The Gothenburg trip...

Woke up at 10:00am Thursday, had ordered my tickets over the net, just had to show up to get them, prepaid and all.. the train ride was pretty eventless... no annoying kids running up and down the alleys screaming, like I'm used to. no fuzz. Arrived to Gothenburg and met my friend K, went to his place in Kortedala, an area just outside the central parts of Gothenburg, dropped off my luggage (backpack) and went to another friends place (E) in Bergsjön... had pizza and talked a lot, K & E played BF1942 a bit, looks quite cool. Went back to K's place pretty late to get some hours of shut eye.

I woke up well past 1pm the next day, went down to the central parts of GBG and strolled around a bit, bought a few items and ate, met with K after work... bought a few beer and went to meet M, who works in a glass studio, emptied a few beers together and went to the club just before 11pm... mingled, had a few drinks... I drooled over some merchandise... they only had medium and small sizes left, no t-shirt for me... bought a compilation album where Echo Image had one song and several other remixes... I managed to get it signed too after the show...

At midnight the band entered the scene... I haven't been at that many synthpop concerts but this one kicked ass, on my scale... I don't remember the set list... but they went through all the good ones... and even a completely new one I've never heard before... Trine's voice is wonderful... it's an awesome complement to Pål Magnus voice... Stefan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk were there too...

The trainride home was amazingly dull... got stuck at a station for an hour as my connecting train had just departed when we rolled in... and to add further to that, the traffic control had let a freight train slip in just ahead of my train... so, arrived home just about 20 minutes late.
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