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Winamp... Satan's tool?

Winamp has caused me repeated BSOD's tonight... fuck it. I'm going back to 1.80... from 2.80. There's nothing in 2.80 that I really need, besides the ability to play my mp3's...

Another example of bloatware... the 1.x versions were skinny (bloatware-wise) and just did their job... and they did it good too... then came 2.x... when Nullsoft got gobbled up by AOL (a.k.a. Satan) ... built in browsers, all kinds of shite... and now forthcoming, version 3.x ... which are gonna be further bloated, I hear... glossy graphic interface, AVS and whizbang plug-ins... skinnable this and skinnable that... fuck, it's a music player ... it's only purpose is to play music and stay the hell outta way... simple as that. nothing more, nothing less.
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