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I got snail mail this morning... a slip that said I've got a package to pick up at a grocery store nearby... I know what it is... 4 records I ordered from Apoptygma Berzerk side projects... H2o, TB-MoonChild and such...

I went to a record store during my lunch break... and didn't found anything that I really wanted... there was a record though, Alphaville - Forever Young (1984)... but strictly for sentimental reasons...

Have I really developed such strange/off-mainstream/perverted taste in music? Or, have all the record stores become less broad in genres?

I think both... average Joe on the street doesn't listen to Industrial, EBM or synthpop... he listens to the crap that tops the charts... the mainstream stuff. Therefore, the mainstream crap is what sells in stores, therefore it's what the stores have available for customers. go figure.
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