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Alone at the office...

... again... It seems like I'm the only one that actually works full days at the office... I'm in a little better mood today, I've decided to not do anything more than absolutely necessary... no extra hours, no special tasks, no good will jobs.

I hope that will show how much I really do for the company, and that my presence really matters a lot to the company, just by imagining what would happen if I'd quit or disappear. The boss and Matt don't have all the knowledge to design systems or to evaluate new products... and the tech support would be non-existent.

I'm gonna sweat the boss for a while, having friends from head-hunting companies calling the boss, asking for me... and such... and by mistake leave a trail of hints that their technician is searching for a new job... without saying anything.

I feel that I must put an effort into the studies to get the drivers license now, that's the only thing that matters now in my professional life... but that's also the only thing that keeps me at the company (at the moment)...

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