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The first power outage in over three years... on the night between Monday and Tuesday they disconnect the power, a planned outage... as they are to exchange something in the power grid... this converges with my moving and as none of my computers will be on, this won't affect me a bit... i suspect I'll be offline at least a week at home... before i get either cable ... or connect through modem... i got to order a cable connection...

Today has been pretty ok, had lunch with Jocke... went to a few stores with him on my lunch break... that bastard have lost about 11 kilo (24,25 pounds)... and looks much thinner... he told me that he almost have to beat off the women with a stick... they gather around him...

Also heard that one of my friends became a father this morning or yesterday morning... a baby boy, huge... 55 cm long, 4050g something... fun fun..

The french bastards got blocked today... as we had counted ~16K hits during a period of a few days... broken bots... that never fetch /robots.txt ... or identify the selves as such, i.e. they have regular MSIE tags...

... did some laundry...

... and I just stepped inside after working a few hours in the apartment, hungry and really desired a pizza... wanted... it had closed, as the clock had passed 10:00pm... shite.

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