That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

My Internet connection at home sucks... dial-up... 33k6.. which at the moment is down to 31k2.. and the line quality indicator blinks constantly as the carrier drops... I can't wait to get on either cable or adsl...

have just been to the paint shop, didn't buy any floor boards today, it'd be like 18 packages... 37m² floor boards takes a lot of space, even if neatly packaged... just got some more information ... and two buckets of paint for the ceiling... and some detergent to use on the balcony floor... it's green/brownish of alga and moss..

my jaws hurt a bit... stressed and probably grinding teeth in my sleep. bad. bad. bad.

cordless mice are good, unless it eats batteries... like mine... gonna go get a pack of heavy duty alkaline batteries...

My favorite color is transparent.
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