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First day of vacation...

It's been pretty busy... spent most of the day with Johan in city... shopping some cables, raw CDs and such... went to Johans place to check it out ... as he just moved in... copied a few games, mp3's ... when Nick called about the movie... we, four guys (J, N, T and me) went and saw the Spider-Man... it's awesome... I'm already waiting for a sequel... it had all the necessary bits... drama, action, love... no sex though.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna fly... motorless... the plane gets pulled up by another plane and when it reach a certain height, it's disconnect from that plane and just drift on the winds... gonna bring my cameras... it will be interesting to see the city from above...

Also, got another two wallpaper catalogs to look through... I've already picked wallpapers from one of them, as it was a duplicate catalog... 3 out of 4 already picked.
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