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Some progress...

Worked in the apartment today... about 5 hours, ended up all sweaty... got a lot done... plastered up a few holes in the walls... tear down wallpaper, painted and sand papered a few spots... sang along with Apoptygma Berzerk as well... my neighbors must think the son of Satan is moving in... or something...

I went through the three wallpaper catalogs and picked a few candidate wallpapers for the rooms...

  • Something light yellow for the hallway and the living room
  • Light Bluish for the bed room
  • Dark blue for the computer room
  • Greenish for the kitchen (to match the dark green cupboard doors)

    ... and I've got a great deal with a friend, wallpaper rolls for stock price + tax... a lot below the shop prices.

    Gonna return the catalogs tomorrow and maybe get a few rolls for the kitchen, as there will be a different floor there, I have to hire people to put in the floor, vinyl something...

    Nick have planned a huge party at a friends house the 20th... about 50 people will be there, perhaps even more... he has invited people from near by cities, so it will be a few new faces... fun fun.

    cantara called to tell me she got the little cabin/house and are moving in 1st of July August.. it turned out to be a bit shabby and had to be somewhat cleaned and painted, new wallpapers and such...

    Next week will be hectic... everything has to be finished before everyone leaves for vacations... I leave for vacation after this week... 2 weeks of hard work and parties...
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