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Time to choose...

Time to choose what kind of wallpapers I'll have in my apartment... borrowed three large catalogs today... bought some tools and examined prices on wallpapers and floor boards... i think I'll go for the laminate wooden-look type... hard to choose... gotta see which one that goes with the wooden tile floor... picked up a bucket of paint for the kitchen...

This weekend will be work/work/work... and perhaps a few beers...

Feels like I have to do this before my vacation... have planned to use my two weeks to arrange stuff in the new apartment... and perhaps throw a party... or something. Atleast it feels like I'm beginning to see the beginning of the end of the renovation... it will still take another few months after that to get in order...

In general, the day has been completely waste of time... got just about nothing done... customer calls... really dumb ones... along with other shit that kept me from finishing a project... blah.
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