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Laundry day...

Washed 5 machines tonight... 2.5 weeks worth of dirty socks and such... i love the smell of fresh newly washed laundry... oh well... then i paid my bills... added up to $670 ... rents, phones, Internet connection and union fees...

... at the office we discussed the idea of put together some funding and buy Ericsson stocks... as they are quite inexpensive now... just for the fun of it... put $20 each... and then just hope it raises again... experts say it will hit $0.75 something, $1.20 something today... that would be great, for us...

... while i stumbled heading for the office this morning, Matt came up from behind and said "hello there"... as I wasn't fully awake yet I didn't react at first... then we started talking... about vacations and that he + appendix had just been to Greece... also, the company (my old job) had got a few huge orders... but he couldn't tell any details...

... by coincidence, I checked how much I really got from them this evening... for the about 25+ hours I did for them... i got (after taxes deducted) $25... greedy people. But then I come to think about the fact that Matt took a (huge) loan when the Ericsson stocks were low to buy some... with the assumption that it would raise again... then it was $8.60 something...

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