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Haha... hmmm... mothaf'cker!

I found the manufacturer! A few months back I got my hands on a cute little computer, tried to search the net for specifications and specifically a pin-out layout of the motherboard connector... as the former owner had cannibalized it for parts and had been clumsy and cut wires... he said this one could be fried... and that he had another one just like this...

... and came up with nothing... can a computer really exist without leaving traces on the Internet? As my former job involved searching the Internet a lot, for specifications and manuals, I knew that it just had to be found somewhere...

just talked to him... it really is fried... some moron had put 220V into it... and he had another one identical to this one... that he uses... and won't sell to me... shite... atleast I made him promise me that before he tosses the other one out, he'd give me a notice...

FlyTech Technology
Dimensions: 240x220x72mm, W/External Power Supply
i486Dx5 - 133Mhz
128KB External Cache,
1.44MB FDD,
2x16 bit ISA Slots,
w/System Cooling Fan,
w/CPU Cooling Fan & Heat Sink

GST exc $745.19 / GST inc $819.71 (30th July 2000)

The price is Australian dollar, as I found it first there at a reseller... which lead me to the manufacturer... and to manuals, drivers and specifications...
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