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POP3... keeps suckin'...

Gah! Now, I'm pissed... my email at work does not work... neither does my email at home... I live in a little private POP3-hell... or something...

Something must have upset the POP3/SMTP gods... doesn't ppl sacrifice their first born sons or daughters, virgins and goats anymore??

I keep calling the ISP's support... do this, do that, that will solve the problems... but still, nothing... I haven't received any emails at work this week, nothing since the 14th, last week... and at home i haven't received anything since beginning of Sept, 4th i think...

The boss mumbled something about changing ISP... I'm more into co-location, buy two boxes, set up webserver and SMTP/POP3, set up services for remote maintenance... and ship them to the provider...

... or something...
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