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Friday... so they say...

well, they're right ... I guess...

I just came home from work... long day...

I was supposed to complete a project today, but due to a number of obstacles it wasn't... blah... so Monday morning will be a really sweaty day... this week has been a really shitty week... lots of interruptions while programming ... and changes of goals...

... but there was some joy anyhow... I found a few U2 and Depeche Mode videos (mostly MPEGs, few AVI/Divx) on DirectConnect... and even got fair rates... so, I burnt some of them on CD to take home to watch... decent quality.

Tomorrow... work... at my parents place a few hours... mom had a small mountain of soil to be spread over their backyard... dad's in Canada again... returns next week... so, I'll have to help her...

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