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Bootlegs, Horses and Sleep...

That's what this weekend has been all about...

Went to a record fair on Saturday, found a lot of rare material but also lots of junk... like all the new U2 bootlegs, I guess there's atleast one bootleg from every U2 concert on the Elevation tour... just different compilations. I avoid those as they are only designed and manufactured to make money... they don't care about the songs. I found a couple of import singles, UK releases of the Walk On single (Blue), with DVD Quicktime tracks and other cool material and Walk On single (Red)... quite rare I suppose, at least in Sweden. I also picked up a foul copy of Grapes (Propaganda Magazine Release), which turned out to nothing new, I already had all the songs on bootlegs...

I followed the GF to her training today, knight tournament training... was pretty cool. I also met the GF's new 'loaner' horse... which probably not gonna make it this season... as the horse are pretty jumpy among the other horses and gets a bit carried away sometimes...

I have to change my sleeping habits... I got some pills from mom and I'm only gonna use them in severe cases... when I really need to have my hours... in all other cases I'll have to stick to the other methods... read something really boring, surf for a while...

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