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I met Maria K today... when strolling around downtown with Keno on our lunch break... she seemed to have aged a lot... wrinkles around her tired eyes... but she still had the smile... I heard shit about her last year... that she was involved with some dope head... and did drugs herself... I met her a couple of months ago in a nearby city... then looking a bit fuzzy... red eyes could not make eye contact... like she was on something... i dunno, i don't wanna know... she's studying at the moment and had just a few days left of her practice period... a home for elderly people... she disliked it... heavy lifts and demented persons... instead she wants to work with psy. retarded/challenged people... I hope she's off the drugs... I really do.

I did 4 machines of laundry in less than 2 hours...

... now, I'm off ... to eat something before i go to bed...

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