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spent it with my parents... had a wonderful dinner... dad's cooking... had a long walk with the dog afterwards... watched some TV, Olympic games... helped mom scan for new channels on the satellite dish receiver, added them and arranged them after her instructions...

... on the way home we discussed school... how much I had disliked it... I can honestly say that the only useful things I learned in school, is mathematics, reading and writing and English... all the other shite they taught us was mostly useless crap... and I'm disappointed that I received no help from school or teachers against the crowd that was bullying me... none whatsoever... but I'm pretty amused when thinking about what they turned out to.... bums... junkies and misfits... while I got a good job and my health... this doesn't make me a bad person... it makes me even. They tortured me during school, now it's their turn to be outcasts, rejects and generally miserable...

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