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The company I bought the CPU fan from actually contacted me to ask what type of freight I'd like, as the freight cost wasn't added to the total... Express would cost $29, almost the double of the fan itself... so, I replied that they should ship it 'surface'... which probably will take like forever... but will be a lot cheaper in the end.

Maria called this evening... we talked about this and that and then she suddenly said;

"I've met a girl..."
"ehm... oh, nice..."
"she moved in with us last week..."
"really? isn't that a bit fast? last time we talked you were going out with this guy... ?"

She's in the middle/end of a divorce and her ex has been a real jerk, trashing the photo album and breaking things... a complete bastard...
I went through a couple of thoughts... "ah, she gave up on men completely and went homosexual" ... sort of... and then she said... "she's a little pretty grey/silverish kitten"... and we both laughed hard about my idea about her turning homosexual... she had heard my thoughts through the phone... I really enjoy her company... as we catch up with each other once in a while... and between our talks, it can be months...

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