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Monday f'ck'n morning...

... on arrival, I'm told that dates on our news site are wrong... again... It had been fixed... I think the redactional news system are manipulated by the company who sold it to us... for some reason they got access to our network... and their main interest seems to be selling consultant hours...

I've been fixing stuff from day one, unwinding really shitty code -- rewriting it, just leaving the original code commented out... they eagerly tells us that their Java-servlet is the best on the market... bah, I think I could write a few lines of Perl code to achieve the same result, scan a directory for files, parse some proprietary XML, dump it into a table in a mySQL db, resize and move images into a catalog structure... doesn't seem that hard to accomplish, I think I'll even publish the code for it as OpenSource... just to piss them off.

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