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Morning Circus...

... when a plumbing company called me at 7:00am, woke me up even. "We're gonna clear the pipes, are you at home in about 20 minutes?". duh. no, I wasn't even out of bed yet, nor awake, made a fast run through the shower and got dressed, took the elevator down to let the men in, as the entrance code lock refused let them in... well at work, they changed old pipes to new ones... and cleared the passage in them... it took about 20 minutes and they ran around, waking up all neighbors... after they left, I made a cup of coffee and read the morning paper... the landlord called, telling me that the plumber would come any day now.

Breakfast from Mackie-Dee's... yum, they were out of ham... so I made them make me one with extra cheese and tomato... that one totally owns.

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