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[23:07] <Choop> u want trade this nicks ?
[23:08] <sleepy> my nick?
[23:08] <Choop> yes this
[23:08] <sleepy> how much?
[23:09] <Choop> no
[23:09] <Choop> trade
[23:09] <sleepy> no way..
[23:09] <Choop> i give u other nick
[23:09] <Choop> u want the nick
[23:09] <Choop> offline
[23:09] <Choop> ?
[23:09] <sleepy> nope.
[23:09] <sleepy> $5000 ... no less.
[23:10] <Choop> hehe
[23:10] <Choop> it's not worth it
[23:10] <Choop> i could give u the best nicks
[23:11] <sleepy> no bucks, no interest.
[23:12] <Choop> how u want me to give u the bucks
[23:12] <Choop> ?
[23:12] <sleepy> paypal.
[23:12] <Choop> how ?
[23:13] <sleepy> via paypal... you pay to my paypal account, I give you my nick+password ..
[23:16] <sleepy> well?
[23:16] <Choop> i can't pay like this
[23:16] <sleepy> ok then. no deal. sorry.
[23:16] <sleepy> bye.
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